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US 1 Low Level Bridge Replacement

The project is a design build job located in the Town of Jupiter, Florida and consists of the replacement of 4 low-level bridges on US 1.  The project is an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) project for FDOT District 4. Services include replacement of existing conventional lighting to current standards, decorative lighting along the widened sidewalk and bridge and wall mounted lighting for under-bridge walkway paths. The decorative lighting along the pedestrian path and wall lighting under the south bridges is intended to provide a safe illuminated path from the proposed new Harbourside Development to the new River Walk developed for the Town of Jupiter while the wall mounted under bridge lighting for the north bridges is to illuminate the path from the existing parking on the west side of US 1 to the boat ramp and facilities on the east side for enhanced safety so pedestrians are not crossing US 1.

CES also performed Utility Coordination and is managing the Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) during construction.  There are 9 Utility Agency Owners (UAO’s) which includes several attached to the bridges.  Coordination efforts required arrangements for conduits and junction boxes embedded in the bridge to accommodate the relocated utilities.   It was discovered during the coordination effort that the Town of Jupiter had already completed plans for relocation of their water main in anticipation of this project.  The relocated main would have still been in conflict with the proposed bridge replacements and they were scheduled to complete construction prior to beginning of construction on this project.  Through early proactive coordination, the City is making minor adjustments prior to construction to avoid additional utility relocation costs.